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Here’s Why Your Rain Gutters Aren’t Working

Your rain gutters are designed to protect your home from water damage, but sometimes they don’t work as intended. If you’re noticing standing water on the ground around your house or puddles that linger after a storm, it may be time to inspect your rain drains and take action. Read on to learn why your rain gutters might not be doing their job and what you can do to fix the problem.

Clogged Gutters

One of the most common reasons why rain gutters are not working properly is because they are clogged with debris. Leaves, twigs, pine needles, dirt, sand, and other types of material may have built up in your gutters over time. When this happens, the water has nowhere to go and can cause overflowing or pooling on the ground below. Clean your gutters regularly to ensure that they are free from clogs and are functioning properly.

Improperly Sloped Gutters

The most effective way for rain gutters to work is if they are sloped toward the downspouts at a rate of at least ¼ inch per foot. If your gutters are not sloped correctly, the water may sit in one area and cause overflow or pooling around your home. Check the slope of your gutters to make sure they are properly angled towards the downspouts.

Missing Downspout Extensions

Sometimes debris can collect in a gutter and cause a blockage that prevents the water from draining out of the downspout. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, install extensions to each downspout. These extensions should be long enough to keep the water away from your home’s foundation and direct it towards a suitable drainage area.

Damaged Gutters or Downspouts

If your gutters or downspouts are cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged, water may be leaking out of the system and pooling around your home. Check for any signs of damage and repair any issues as soon as possible to prevent further complications.

Rain gutters are an important part of a home’s drainage system and can help protect your house in Columbus, OH from water damage. If your rain gutters aren’t working as intended, it’s important to identify and address the problem quickly. Check out Columbus Gutter and Drain if you need quality rain drains by calling us today.

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